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Message from our President

The transformation of this website reflects the positive internal changes and growth we are experiencing at the Future Rehabilitation Centre. With gracious thanks to our highly involved community, and the firm commitment of the Board of Directors, staff, and family members, the Future Rehabilitation Centre has been able to make an exceptionally positive impact on the student body, and is looking forward to a triumphant future. We are proud to announce that the size of our staff and student body has more than doubled since our humble beginnings in September 2000, and we are delighted to be a part of the countless success stories of our students of the Future Rehabilitation Centre.

Our purpose however, remains unchanged; The Future Rehabilitation Centre maintains its commitment to providing relevant education and programs and rehabilitation services to students of determination. Our goal is to improve the lives of our students and enable these students of determination to enjoy an enhanced quality of life, and pursue their dreams.

Our hope is to extend this improved quality of life to the family, friends and supporters of our students. We will achieve this goal by continuing to maximize on the quality of care and education for people of determination. Moving forward, our hope is to increase public awareness about people of determination in the community and to generate more active involvement in their lives.

I invite you to explore this website, and learn of our highly integrated programs and activities.

Thank you.


Message from our Chairman

The Future Rehabilitation Centre is near to celebrating its 20th foundation year in 2020. We began with big hopes and we definitely exceeded our expectations. We have come out strong and continue to fortify the power of our students’ dreams. Our commitment has not at any time dwindle because of the benevolence of many advocates who provided us with the necessary support throughout our journey. The confidence of our President, H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, has been a source of motivation to the whole organization. Having a loyal multi-disciplinary Board of Trustees whose voluntary services to the Future Rehabilitation has invigorated our plans for further development. The real heroes of the Centre, however, are the dedicated and hard-working special educators, therapists, administrative team who are led by our loyal and visionary Director.

There are many inspirational stories of the past and some are already presented in this website. And we commit to write more beautiful ones in the future. Many of the students who initially struggled with their attention deficit moved on from the Future Centre armed with their academic, communication, social and creative skills to compete the rigors of mainstream education. Some older students are now meaningfully employed after gaining a composite of functional skills and developing the right attitude. The others who have sensory disorders probably had more challenging journey but many of them still finished off equipped with useful personal skills that allow them some level of independence. There are the young ones who came in wheelchairs who continue to strengthen their mobility skills to this day.

Please take a tour of our website for you to be encouraged and motivated by victories won by our students, who we fondly refer to as People of Determination.


Message from the Director

Under the patronage of our President H.E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, the Future Rehabilitation Centre’s ultimate goal is to take part in the fulfilment of the broader Vision 2021 of UAE which embodies the rights for happiness and inclusion of People of Determination. Under the guidance of our Chairman H.E. Mohammed Abdul Jalil Al Fahim and our supportive Board of Trustees, our team is committed to empower our students’ abilities through well tested methods and holistic care. The advocacy of many sectors of the community has inspired many of our students’ engagement beyond the classrooms.

Here are some inspiring anecdotes. Many of our students who have communication disorders are now adept in using tools in Augmentative and Alternative Communication such as ipads. The number of students who now can walk for the first time has also increased through the concerted and systematic efforts of our therapists and teachers. There are more than one hundred students who have already joined mainstream schools. More than fifteen students also are meaningfully employed in different companies. And to even improve our Adulthood and Vocational Training Programme, we have been the first to offer a more structured curriculum provided by the Award Scheme Development Accreditation Network or ASDAN of UK, whereby our students receive recognized Certificates of Completion for the courses they satisfactorily finish. To complement our classroom programmes, we allow them to collaborate with their peers from mainstream schools in sports, arts and music. Recently, together with their peers from the British School of Al Khubairat, some of them won for their collaborative tee shirt design contest of the 2019 Special Olympics World Games. They also have had the opportunity to participate in a collegiate-level Education Exhibition at the Zayed University which resulted to one of our UAE National student being hired as a junior graphic designer in one of their departments.

A tour of this website will give you a glimpse of the many stones that have been turned and the pathways that we have cleared. We commit to continue in our mission of leading more People of Determination to fulfilling their dreams for better and meaningful lives. Our goal can be summed up in “They Aspire, We Inspire”.