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Clinical Services


The Rehabilitation unit at the Future Rehabilitation Centre provides global services to its students with different disabilities.   Our main focus and style of work is to practice therapy in a holistic and functional way.  We aim to empower children to maximize their individual potential. Techniques and approaches employed will differ from child to child, depending on the outcome of the assessment, their age and character.

Students are assessed and those that require therapy are assigned to their respective therapists who will provide them with the services that they need. They may get one or more of the therapies depending on their need. Students who receive therapy services are provided with the Individualized Therapy Plan. Monitoring of students’ performances is done regularly.   Progress Reports are discussed with parents and further plans are mutually agreed amongst the parents and therapists.  The therapy services include Speech and Language, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy.

Speech and Language Therapy

We use standardized assessment tools to address areas of speech and communication. Evaluations are used to determine the level of the child and the treatment plans are based on the requirement of each child.

Speech and Language Therapists assist the children to develop the skills using verbal and non- verbal strategies in order to develop or enhance communication. Children are seen individually and also in group settings that will help to increase their level of communication, allowing them to initiate, respond, make choices and improve social interactions.

Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy Services

We provide Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy services based on the individual needs of the students and on an Individualized Therapy Plan.

Initially the students go through a standardized assessment and based on that, goals for the year are set. We follow a standardized observation instrument designed and validated to measure gross motor development in children with cerebral palsy. We also stick to updated Pearson assessment for the other disabling conditions. Our therapy services are conducted using the one-to- one approach. The sessions are often in a play-like style making them fun filled interactions and  more enjoyable for the children in order to increase the level of success of the therapy.

Other Clinical Services


Future Rehabilitation Centre offers Multi-disciplinary Assessment to its current students and to external clients. The Centre's Psychologist and the respective therapist conduct the assessment procedures. The Assessment methodology and tools used for the students’ evaluation are updated on a regular basis to ensure that they are in line with international standards.

Basic Health Care

Future Rehabilitation Centre has a HAAD Licensed Nurse that takes care of the students’ primary health care. This includes the administration of medicines, basic treatment of minor wounds or sickness. The Nurse follows strictly the policies, standards and procedures as set by the Health Authority of Abu Dhabi.

Afternoon Clinic and Special Education Services

Speech and language, Occupational and Physical Therapy sessions are available for individuals in the community who are in need of these services. Parents arrange appointments to discuss the needs of their child with the Assistant Director for Clinic Operations and following the initial assessment the children will be offered individual one-to-one treatment sessions including activities and exercises. Also available are tutorial sessions in academics, music and arts.

Early Intervention Services

This service concentrates on all the basic skills that children typically develop during the first three years of life such as: Physical (reaching, rolling, crawling, and walking), Cognitive (thinking, learning, solving problems), Communication (talking, listening, understanding), Social/Emotional (playing, feeling secure and happy), Self-help (eating, dressing, washing). The team provides support and guidance to the parents to cope with a young child who has special needs through home visits (if needed) and Individualized Family Service Plans.


This group consists of students with physical disabilities and/or speech and language disabilities. The common goal for the students in this group is to improve their individual physical capabilities in order for them to function more effectively in their respective settings.  Similarly these classes aim to help students realize their potential in self-help, communication and social skills. Importance is given to developing the students’ fine and gross motor skills, sensory stimulation and general awareness.  Intensive speech and physiotherapy sessions form a major part of their daily routine, thus ensuring all-round development in a structured and goal-oriented environment. Many of the students in these classes also receive academic skills training too.