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Message from our President

The transformation of this website reflects the positive internal changes and growth we are experiencing at the Future Rehabilitation Centre. With gracious thanks to our highly involved community, and the firm commitment of the Board of Directors, staff, and family members, the Future Rehabilitation Centre has been able to make an exceptionally positive impact on the student body, and is looking forward to a triumphant future. We are proud to announce that the size of our staff and student body has more than doubled since our humble beginnings in September 2000, and we are delighted to be a part of the countless success stories of our students of the Future Rehabilitation Centre.

Our purpose however, remains unchanged; The Future Rehabilitation Centre maintains its commitment to providing relevant education and programs and rehabilitation services to students with Special Needs. Our goal is to improve the lives of our students and enable these students with disabilities to enjoy an enhanced quality of life, and pursue their dreams.

Our hope is to extend this improved quality of life to the family, friends and supporters of our students. We will achieve this goal by continuing to maximize on the quality of care and education for children with disabilities. Moving forward, our hope is to increase public awareness of special needs in the community and to generate more active involvement in the lives of individuals with disabilities.

I invite you to explore this website, and learn of our highly integrated programs and activities. You are welcome to meet the staff, and view the latest articles on current and relevant issues. If you are a resident of Abu Dhabi, I invite you to become a contributor or a volunteer. Thank you for visiting The Future Rehabilitation Centre website.


Message from our Chairman

We have links to help our readers further appreciate the enormous possibilities in store for individuals with disabilities. We are providing you information on the services and programmes that we provide. We are sharing with you some of the students’ achievements. There is also a special link on how you can be of support to the centre, whether you are a donor or a volunteer.

I guided the foundation of the Future Rehabilitation Centre . I am very pleased that I did. I have witnessed the relentless efforts of the staff and the outpour of support and trust from the community. These combined endeavours have helped achieve our mission and that is to pave the road for a better future for individuals with special needs.

And so I hope this website renders you both more informed and more importantly encouraged by our past achievements and the continued success awaiting us.

I welcome you to our website. This website is your window to the school that has positively influenced many lives since its modest inception in September 2000.


Message from the Director

I welcome you to our website.

The vision of the leadership of the U.A.E. to create an enabling environment for people with disabilities, treating them as part of the society and providing them with opportunities deserves thanks and appreciation. The U.A.E. has already achieved many goals concerning special needs. They have raised awareness of the issue and have supported special needs in general. This is reflected in the results individuals with special needs have achieved, be it in sports or vocational skills.

The focus of the U.A.E. government is not just about providing individuals with disabilities with care but it is also on their social, educational and professional integration into the community.

Under the patronage of H. E. Sheikh Nahayan Mabarak Al Nahayan, the Future Rehabilitation Centre has achieved great recognition. In the last five years we have been able to raise awareness and social interaction within the community. Our development and improvement would not have been possible without the dynamic guidance of H.E. Mohammed Abdul Jaleel Al Fahim and the Board of Directors. I thank all the supporters, donors, volunteers and individuals who give us assistance in various ways.

We have been able to realize the dreams and hopes of many parents and have created opportunities for our students by following the international best practices in education, therapy and vocational skill building. We have renewed the Competent Learner Model accreditation for another three years and are looking at more internationally recognized programmes to offer our students

In future, our vision is to improve the care, attention and services that all our students receive and see the fruits of our labour, to see them ‘abled’ and live independent lives while being integrated in the society.

We care…we teach...they learn… and we smile.